Reservation General Terms and Conditions

* Fifty Percent (50%) Down Payment upon signing of Contract

* Fifty Percent (50%) Full Payment before Occasion/ Event. Other fees/charges will be asked after the event.

* If the guest cancels their reservation TWO WEEKS prior to the scheduled date of reservation, Reservation Fee is forfeited, however, if another guest gets their slot, 50% of their first/initial payment of Reservation Fee will be returned.

* Maximum of a Hundred (100) Guests only - Surcharge will be added to your billing for more than 100 guests.

* Extra use of any Electrical Equipments brought and used inside the venue (Rice cooker, Electric Fan, Radio, etc.) will be given extra charge depending on the duration of usage inside the venue.

* Any loss, damage, breakage found within the venue upon your stay will be added to your bill.

* Microphones, Billiard Balls, Cue sticks, Dart Pins should be returned properly and in good condition. Additional charges are added to your bill if found damaged.

* Customers may bring-in food and/or caterers to the venue. Kindly coordinate with our Reservations Personnel regarding special arrangements in terms of food and caterers.

For Online Inquiries/Reservations, please log-in necessary customer information*** below, so we could immediately contact you and provide you feedback:

*** Kindly include your contact details (landline, cellphone, etc.) in the Comments section. We assure you that all customer information will be used for inquiries/reservation purposes only.